Christie S. Shinn

Comic Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer and Writer


A versatile and experienced professional that has 15+ years in design and writing: comics, games, fashion, beauty, web, and tech. Open to explore new ideas and avenues of which to expand the scope of the project. Exceptional written and verbal communication skills including the ability to collaborate and conceptualize with a team. Self-starter on projects and able to work cross-departmentally. Proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Manga Studio, iOS, Android, Mac and PC platforms.


Contributing writer for Buzzfeed Community

November  2017 – Present

Graphic Design/Artist
April 2007 – Present  HoraTora Studios /Freelance Work  Glendale, CA


  • Published - ‘Demon Bitch’ a weekly webcomic and graphic novel "Hellfire and Damnation", 'Mine! a comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood'  (Ringo award winner 2018), Real Deal #8 (back cover), 'Sepulchre’ and ‘Personal Monsters: A Compendium of Monstrosities of Personality’, ‘Caligula Imperatore Insanum’, ‘Wildflowers and Wallflowers’ series written by Maura J Graber.

  • Cover for 'Kickstarter for the Independent Creator' for M. Holly-Rosing.

  • 2D sprite and content creation. Kymera Press’ ‘Gates of Midnight’ comic logo and layout.

Packaging Graphic Designer  January 2012 – May 2013  Superior Communications
Irwindale, CA


  • Packaging and Print: The packages were printed with realistic and efficient ETAs.

  • ToughSuit concept for a Fellowes/T-Mobile hybrid packaging. The clients requesting another concept for their ShockSuit line.

  • Cross-teamed with several departments to construct concept to reality within cost and launch schedules.

  • Clients: Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, and US Cellular.

Art Reviewer  February 2011 – January 2012   Eddie Yang Studio (now Alliance Studio)
Glendale, CA


  • Corrected and evaluated character models with China studios.

  • AAA Titles: W’12 and UFC 3

Resident Artist  September 2009 – September 2010  HABLA Underground Gallery
Los Angeles, CA


  • Co-Founded program for upcoming artists.

  • PR: New exhibits to maintain and expand base. Featured in the exhibition, “Harvest”.

Assistant Concept Artist
December 2008 – December 2009                    Ethereal Muse
Goleta, CA


  • Created environmental and character concepts for Encore.

Graphic/Document Designer
August 2007 – August 2008  MPOGD/lvlupcommunications  Online


  • Increased worldwide circulation and traffic from media kits, newsletters, updated logos and in-house graphics.



Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Flash, Sketchbook Pro, Microsoft Office, Autodesk Sketchpad, Manga Studio. Traditional media: sketching, inking, coloring, storyboarding


Database and Languages: AS400, Filemaker Pro, Programming: HTML, HTML5, CSS3, and some PHP

Platforms: Mac, PC, iOS, and Android



2018 - "Mine! A Planned Parenthood Anthology" Ringo award winner for Best Anthology

2017-Present Comic Artist Professionals Society

2017- Present : Resident Artist, Exhibiting Artist, Hive Gallery

2015-2017: Los Angeles Art Association Artist

  • VS - 2015 LAAA collaborative show with artist Deborah Kashinsky.

2015-2017: Society of Illustrators – Los Angeles




  • "Call of the Siren - Femme Revenge", September 2021, curator and participant

  • Nightmare Theatre: A Cinematic Horror Anthology - January 2021, 'Alone' - art and writing: Christie Shinn, published by Bloodline Comics

  • "Faster Pussycat, Kill Bill!", September 2019, curator and participant

  • Demon Bitch: She Sucks, January 2019, published by HoraToraStudios

  • Demon Bitch: Hellfire and Damnation, June 2018, published by HoraToraStudios

  • "I Pity da Poe!" Hive Gallery and Studios, October 2018, co-curator

  • Real Deal #8 "PSYOP" 2018 back cover artist, published by Fantagraphics

  • Cthulu is Hard to Spell – 2018, 'Love Story' –artist, letterer, and writer

  • Mine! a comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood – 2017, 'Liberty' – penciller, inker, colorist, letterer, layout, writer: Anne Toole, 2018 Ringo Award Winner for Best Anthology

  • Reach for the Right Fork - 2017, cover design and illustration, writer: Maura J. Graber

  • George's and Uncle Mike's Day Off- 2017, Artist, writer: Michael Jabbra, French and English

  • Demon Bitch - 2017, artist and writer, weekly web comic, published by HoraTora Studios​

  • Monsters and Other Scary Shit- 2017, artist and writer, comic anthology, published by Wannabe Press.

  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2017 - Present Calendar and Cultural Guide, contributor

  • A Murder of Crows: And Other Horrible Things to See– 2017, artist and writer, art book, published by HoraToraStudios

  • The Adventures of  Master and Monster - 2017, Artist, writer: Michael Jabbra, French and English

  • Sepulchre Vol. 2– 2017, artist and writer, printed comic, published by HoraToraStudios

  • The Wildflowers and Wallflowers Help Betty Learn Tea Manners – 2017, cover design and illustration, writer: Maura J. Graber

  • dAwn - a prelude to "You Only Die Once" – 2016, artist and letterer, writer: Alan C. Beard, urban crime drama

  • Sepulchre – 2016, artist and writer, printed comic, published by HoraToraStudios

  • Caligula Imperatore Insanum– 2016, artist and letterer, writer: James Kelly, historical comic anthology

  • The Wildflowers and Wallflowers Learn Manners – 2015, cover design and illustration, writer: Maura J. Graber

  • Kickstarter for the Independent Creator – 2015, cover design and illustration, published by Brass-T Publishing

  • Sepulchre – 2015 to present, digital comic, published by HoraToraStudios

  • Today – 2015, anthology, published by Bare Bones Studios for San Diego Comic-Con

  • Personal Monsters : A Compendium of Monstrosities of Personality – 2015, illustrated book, published by HoraToraStudios


University of California, Santa Barbara,   Santa Barbara, CA

September 1993 – March 2002

BA, Art Studio

BA, Film Studies

ITT-Technical Institute, Oxnard, CA
September 2004 – March 2007
BS, Digital Entertainment and Game Design
Graduated Valedictorian. 3.75 GP