Caligula Imperatore Insanum


In 37 AD, the young Gaius Caligula is the heir apparent to become the Emperor of Rome. Unfortunately, every single day may also be Caligula's last. The old and paranoid Tiberius has wiped out Caligula's family and has invited the young prince to his "Pleasure Palace". 

Come in to one of the darkest times of human history where there are no heroes, only the killers and the survivors.

"While Roman history buffs (such as myself) can garner a lot of enjoyment from this comic, those who are not familiar with Caligula can also find a great cross of entertainment and history lesson about one of the most notable Roman emperors. " - Fanboy Comics

"[T]his book is going to be a damn good one." - ComicWOW!


Author and Owner: James Kelly 

Art and Design by: Christie Shinn