Alcoholics and Anonymouses


"Christie said I could write about scones, but I'll save that for later.For those of you who know me (or don't), you might be scratching your head as to why the creator of a steampunk supernatural series is writing this. (You know the graphic novel where all the men and women wear Victorian inspired clothing and are straight-laced and modest. Yup, that one.) You might think that someone who writes something like that would not appreciate Demon Bitch. Well, that's because one has nothing to do with the other. Then again, maybe it does. Like Demon Bitch, appearances can be deceiving. Where you might see offensive and problematic material, I see a clear voice. A point of view that is unapologetic and unforgiving. Demon Bitch is what women in our society aren't supposed to be: stark, raw, and truthful."


Madeleine Holly-RosingWriter/Creator of Boston Metaphysical Society


Contributions by Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Tony Tilton, Lawrence Hubbard, Mary Zorilita Bellamy, Don Nguyen, Richard Fairgray, Ray-Anthony Height, Don Walker, The Artist Rose, Eunsoo Jeong aka 'Koreangry', and Chrissy Bautista.


Dedicated to the esteemed memory of John "Cheezdawg" Bowen.

Dramatically narrated and adapted for both radio and stage play via Intervision Entertainment.*

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Creator: Christie Shinn