"She’s gross. She’s terrible. She thinks stabbing her date in the eye with a fork simply make her “complicated.” Demon Bitch is back and somehow even more vile than ever. Her terrible self joins forces with Egg Lady, Tammy Pon, and Bedhopping Whorse to live a life that is far more disgusting, far more hideous, far more awful than you could have imagined. Demon Bitch manages to vilify voting, participate in the worst diets, and somehow make us all feel a little better about ourselves. Hey, at least we aren’t her; right?"

- Victoria Irwin,

Dramatically narrated and adapted for both radio and stage play via Intervision Entertainment.*

Intervision Entertainment produced and directed the video for 'the FreeDumb Tour' Kickstarter! GO HERE.

*Intervision Entertainment is owned and operated by Ghislaine Sopher-Phillips and Ryan Phillips.

Creator: Christie Shinn