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A celebration of liberty and freedom for all befitting Planned Parenthood

2018 Ringo Award Winner

Best Anthology

"The Mine! anthology is more than just about Planned Parenthood, but it goes to support the good that organization does and educate for those who maybe do not know or understand. A powerful collection of meaningful stories and tales.


The Mine! Anthology is available from December 27th, 2017 and includes work from Gail Simone, Sina Grace, Amber Benson, Vita Ayala, Magdalene Visaggio, Ann Nocenti, Cecil Castellucci, Lilah Sturges, Neil Gaiman, Mike Norton, among a huge array of incredible comics talent, including Bleeding Cool’s very own Lauren Sisselman.



The anthology was created in support of Planned Parenthood, the American nonprofit healthcare organization that is constantly under fire from Pro-Lifers. The group, whose mission is to provide affordable medical care and information to people of all walks of life and statuses, is even more at risk every day with each new attempt to defund it."

-Bleeding Cool

Cover art: Soo Lee

Artist: Christie Shinn

Writer of 'Liberty': Anne Toole

Ringo award winner 2018

Mine! Anthology

best anthology

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