KICKSTARTER - Entrepreneur illustrator and comic book artist Christie Shinn is halfway to releasing a deluxe version of her 2015 art book, Personal Monsters. The book resonates with anyone that has dealt with horrible people in their lives, giving us all a way to cope with feelings of anger and powerlessness through art.

The Luxe Edition will include the 16 original Personal Monsters (like Depressus, the Anxiety Monster, and Two-Faced B*tch), plus 4 new uncanny creatures that clawed their way onto the upcoming book’s pages.  Backers will have a chance to meet the whole mess of monsters, and through tiers, obtain enamel pins and personalized, one-of-a-kind art prints by Christie Shinn.

Personal Monsters: The Luxe Edition’s Kickstarter has already raised $2,500 of its $5,000 goal. The deadline is Thursday, November 9th; Follow the link for a video from Christie herself and a list of engaging backer incentives. The artist updates with rich content for contributors and fans, including daily art updates and livestreams of drawing sessions.







Silicon Valley Comic Con, San Jose Convention Center, April 21-23, 2017

ARTIST BIO: Christie Shinn is a comic artist and illustrator that resides in the concrete jungle that we call Los Angeles. She doesn't have palm trees in her yard, but she has aloes. She is also a writer and artist of her own story, “Sepulchre”, and has done a historical graphic novel of 'Caligula: Imperatore Insanum' vol.1. She also does “The Wildflowers and the Wallflowers” series on etiquette, using Betty Bowden (the future Mrs. Graber) from the Graber Olive House and R.S.V.P. Etiquette. She is a resident artist at the Hive Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles and she likes cats, cooking, and occulty, weird things.


Media Contact:

Christie Shinn

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