The Wildflowers and Wallflowers Learn Manners

It is 1922 and little Betty has five cats at the Martin House in San Dimas, California: the Wallflowers, Daisy and Violet, who lived with the family, sheltered inside the cozy home. The Wildflowers - Aster, Johnny Jump-Up, and Sweet William were outdoor kitties that knew their way around a barn or a yard, filled with children, birds and butterflies. The Wallflowers are curious. They wish to to feel the breeze in their fur, taste milk straight from Shakespeare the cow, and chase the butterflies and birds. The Wildflowers are desperate to see what it is like indoors. To taste table scraps, to drink milk straight from the refrigerator, and not have to worry about being chased by the neighborhood bullies; the Wooferellas and the Barkingsons. The Wallflowers and Wildflowers are willing to teach each other how to conduct themselves, and the good manners needed for different environments.


Author: Maura J. Graber

Illustrator: Christie Shinn